Email - Apache Spamassassin

This interface allows you to configure Apache SpamAssassin™ for your account. Apache SpamAssassin is an email utility that examines incoming email and tests for spam characteristics. It uses Bayesian spam filtering and network tests to screen incoming email. This results in an overall score that Apache SpamAssassin uses to determine whether it should discard a message.

* Filters
Spam Auto-Delete
The Spam Auto-Delete feature automatically deletes messages that meet or exceed the spam score limit.
To enable this feature, select the desired minimum spam score and click Auto-Delete Spam. This setting defaults to 5.
To disable this feature, click Disable Auto-Delete Spam.

* Apache SpamAssassin™ Configuration
Click Configure Apache SpamAssassin™ to update Apache SpamAssassin's configuration.

* blacklist_from
Apache SpamAssassin may incorrectly tag some mail as non-spam messages. If these messages often come from specific addresses, you can blacklist them to ensure that Apache SpamAssassin tags their messages correctly.
To do this, enter the address in one of the blacklist_from text boxes.


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