Security - Hotlink Protection

A hotlink occurs when someone embeds content from your site in another site and uses your bandwidth to serve the files. You can use this interface to prevent this issue.

Enable hotlink protection
To enable hotlink protection, perform the following steps:
1 - Click Enable.
2 - To allow specific sites to hotlink to your site, add their URLs to the List the URLs to which you wish to allow access list.
3 - To block direct access to files of specific types, add those file extensions to the Block direct access for the following extensions list.
4 - To allow visitors access to specific content through the URL, select the Allow direct requests option.
5 - To redirect requests for certain content, enter the URL to which you want to redirect your visitor in the Redirect the request to the following URL text box.
6 - Click Submit.

Disable hotlink protection
To disable hotlink protection, click Disable.


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